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Security Screen Doors Malaysia

Our Solutions 

We understand that you desire the best for your family's safety. That is why we designed security screen doors Malaysia to meet and exceed Malaysian standards. Years of research have gone into developing the most vital, trusted security screen on the market, and we're determined to maintain that reputation through constant innovation. Because, like you, we will not settle for second best when it comes to protecting your loved ones. In the name of security, your screen door does not have to dominate the appearance of your home or undermine your style. Our screens have been carefully manufactured to meet the highest quality standards, combining strong aluminum and stainless steel mesh.

steel mesh sliding screen doors

Home Security Enhancement

In addition, they have been subjected to rigorous testing for their resistance to excessive impact, knives, and jemmies. Renex systems provide excellent protection. You no longer have to look at unsightly grills, bars, or other obstructions that obstruct your view. Instead, enjoy the best in security doors by utilizing woven security screen doors. Renex specializes in providing the highest quality and most secure security doors. Our company has years of experience in the security door services industry, which allows us to gain valuable experience when dealing with customers. Because of its versatility, we can guarantee that our security door is superior to other doors. One of the advantages is that it is more secure.

steel mesh sliding screen doors


We can provide a brilliant, stylish, and high-quality security screen as an additional layer of protection against mosquitos and other insects, as well as small lizards. As security screen doors Malaysia, we understand the desire to enjoy fresh air on breezy days without having to deal with pests that have found their way into our homes. Our professional screening team will advise you on the appropriate material that will bring you satisfaction and pleasure in dealing with us. With our various door designs, we can make your windows and doors look fashionable. In addition, we, security screen doors professionals, provide affordable market prices for insect screens that can protect your property from pesky insects and bugs.


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