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Aluminum Grille with net

Sliding grille door1.jpg

RENEX Aluminium grille with mosquito mesh product allowing you and your family to enjoy fresh air anytime, without worries, at an affordable price!

AL grille - 2 in 1 design.png

Integrated design of Aluminium grille and mosquito mesh to fulfill two functions: anti-mosquitos and anti-theft. It is both functionally and aesthetically pleasing.

AL grille - security.png

RENEX's solid Aluminium grille is constructed without welding. A solid built-in thread rod is added within each cross bar, secured on both sides with solid Nut to strengthen the entire grille.

AL grille - Anti-rust.png

Aluminium is a rust-free environmentally friendly material. It doesn't require painting or repainting in future.  

AL grille - Flexible of material.png

While aluminium lacks the strength of steel, it is compensated for by its superior flexibility. It flexes; it does not break easily.

AL grille - Multi point locking.png

Our aluminium grille door is designed with a high quality locking system, providing enhanced security. This multi-point locking system is an improved locking system compared to a conventional iron grille.

Aluminium Sliding Door With Grill

Renex modern aluminum door grills provide an elegant exterior and interior decoration to facilities. Aluminium door with grill gives a clean and sleek aspect to the entire Malaysian building. Our aluminium sliding door with grill provides a variety of design supplies on aluminium grill systems for any residential and commercial building in Malaysia, particularly in Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur. We have a large selection of aluminium sliding door with grill designs. They are simple, stylish, cost-effective, easy to maintain, and lightweight for smooth sliding. Our designers at Renex can design your door grills based on your request and demand. Moreover, many modern aluminium door and window grills designs have different concepts, such as abstract concepts, floral patterns, or shape styles. Our aluminium door with grill is available in a variety of colors.

10 Function.png

Aluminium window grills are also famous for their light weight and ease of handling. It is usually made of a sliding type, and its light weight allows the grille to slide smoothly, so it does not exert pressure and is suitable for long-term use. Aluminium grills are easy to maintain because they never rust, and their colors last a long time. It is also simple to clean with a damp cloth.

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