Our product are made from High Tensile Stainless Steel Mesh, woven and framed with breakthrough design, Finish with powder coated aluminum materials.

All products are designed by our innovative R&D team and custom made in Malaysia. We provide free-consultation, tailored manufacturing, installation and professional after-sale service to meet our customer's requirement.

10 Function of
Anti-Mosquito Screen

Our mission is to provide stylish anti-mosquito screens, allowing you and your family to enjoy fresh air anytime. without worries, at an affordable price..

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Renex's ocean grade stainless steel security mosquito mesh is rust-free. It isn't corroded by the elements. Strenght is its preeminent feature. The mesh is flat. We deploy patented technology to install the stainless steel mesh directly into door and window frames. It is able to withstand weapon threat and strong impacts.


Our stainless steel mesh is almost invisible, allowing you to enjoy the view without feeling enclosed. Once outside, you can hardly see through the mesh, providing you with the maximum privacy without compromising the view.


Thanks to this highly sturdy stainless steel mesh, you can now open all doors and windows without any worries of intrusion from un-welcomed guests. Safely, enjoy the  breeze!


The minimal and stylish approach of RENEX's stainless steel mesh blends seam-lessly into your home design. We provide customized services to meet all your design requirements, Size doesn't matter!  

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