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Security Swing Screen Doors

7x series Security Swing screen doors

Usually, the main entrance to your home are big hinged wood doors that look solid. But for a professional burglar, they can look like an easy way in. Renex Steel Hinged Swing open security screen doors offer you a real safety security screen door for your main entrance. The Renex door is attached to the outer frame by 2 to 4 solid hinges according to the doors height. On the opposite side the door come with the multi-point locking system with total 6 to 10 lock point according to your doors height


Standard Renex Hinged Swing doors come with the key to lock and unlock the doors. However, Renex offer you an option for using fingerprint to unlock doors instead of using key. This fingerprint lock support unlock method as below:

  1. Fingerprint

  2. Cards (Condo cards or new IC)

  3. Passcode

  4. 1 time Pin code  

Renex fingerprint lock is powered by 3 AA battery. The LED indicators will show the power level remain. In case of the battery is totally running off, you can simply powered the unit by any power bank for cell phone through the standard micro usb cable.

Benefits of our Hinged Security screen doors:


. Multi-point locking system

. Customise according to your doorway

. Solid aluminum frame and stainless steel mesh

. Ventilation and clear view

. Anti-mosquito and Pet control

. Defence from burglar break in

. Support fingerprint locking system

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