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Mosquito Mesh For Sliding Door

Mosquito screen for sliding door has long been a standard feature in Malaysian homes. At the same time that they help to keep the house clean, they are installed to keep small insects and mosquitoes out of the building. The mosquito mesh for sliding door is available in a variety of series, allowing for customized door screens to meet a variety of needs. They are available in single, double, and bi-fold doors suitable for balconies, kitchens, and main entrances. Our Mosquito screen for sliding doors is both solid and attractive. In addition, they provide long-lasting, effective insect and fly protection. 

The mosquito mesh for sliding door frames has mitred corners and a strong kick plate to prevent damage when used with the hinged version's support central mid-bars. It fits on the flat face of the surrounding frame with solid magnetic catches and handles on both sides. Our nets will effectively protect your home or apartment from insects, allowing you to relax or sleep without interruption. These nets are also an effective pollen barrier, especially if the apartment is near crowded areas or construction sites. The mosquito net has an advantage over other insect and pollution control solutions due to its ease of installation.

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