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Mosquito Net For Doors And Windows

Asian houses have featured mosquito net doors for decades. But what’s lacking is the safety feature! Renex’s safety mosquito nets are available for all types of windows, including folding windows, large and small windows, and sliding windows. Enjoy clean air free of insects. Renex introduces a convenient, practical, and long-lasting mosquito net for doors and windows systems. Simple to set up, use, and maintain. When the fabrics wear out, they can be replaced. Renex manufactures high-quality mosquito nets to protect your home from mosquitoes. We design products with your convenience in mind. As a result, our products are simple to install, use, and maintain. Renex products can be used on a variety of doors and windows. Our highly trained technicians work tirelessly to incorporate cutting-edge technology into our products. We carry mosquito nets such as auto lock rollers and pleated mosquito net for doors and windows. The screen is appropriate for all types of windows and swinging doors. 


Folding Screen

Retractable netting system allowing you to hiding your mosquito net into the Aluminium frame. 


Rolling Screen

Auto rolling up insect screen suitable for Windows or Doors 

section screen.png

Section Screen

Slide up 2 or 3 section screen suitable for casement windows or top hung windows.

60 Sliding.png

Sliding Screen Doors

Sliding type insect screen not only use as insect screen, also work as a Pet protect screen with locking system

Fix Screen.png

Sliding Screen Windows

Sliding screen windows is the mosquito suitable solution for sliding glass windows or raw opening space 

Low rail folding screen.png

Lower rail Folding Screen

Our lower rail folding screen provides flexibility and an alternative to opening your door on your premises.

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