Sliding Screen Windows

5x series Sliding screen windows

Security Mesh Screen For Windows

Our security mesh screen for windows is a simple, secure, cost-effective method of protecting windows from vandalism. Typically installed externally to prevent vandalism, it can also be installed internally for security. The security mesh screen for windows is welded to a frame, which can be made of a Flat Bar, Box Section, or Angle Iron, depending on your needs. The Renex can be installed flat against the wall or raised off the ground with legs to allow the windows to open. One of the most expected entry points for criminals would be open windows to permit fresh air to flow through homes.

Renex Steel 5x series Sliding screen doors is the best option for sliding glass windows or opening space like back yard. As we’re using heavy aluminum fitment in the frame, the structural rigidity is strong and could go up to 3 feet in weight and 6 feet in height per panel without any supporting cross sections in the middle.

The 5x sliding screen windows come with #0.5 thickness powder coated #304 stainless steel mesh.

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5x sliding security mesh for windows come with the #0.5 thickness powder coated #304 stainless steel mesh. With this mesh the screen not only used for anti-mosquitoes, also resist the scratch from small animal or your pet. 

5x Sliding screen windows come with it own track. Have been designed with a low profile solid & thick aluminum track with same color powder coated to the panel. This fits neatly to the sliding glass windows for minimal obstruction.


We used quality non-visible nylon rollers on the bottom for each panel to ensure sliding screen are sturdy and run smoothly when opening or closing. On top of each panel also contain of plastic clip to ensure the panel will be properly slide on track and not easily jump off the track. You can take out the screen panel from the track easily for cleaning purpose. Just raise the screen and pull from the bottom. 

Ideal in locations where there is restricted space, sliding screen windows can be your design statement in laundries, bathrooms and kitchen

Renex sliding security mesh for windows offer a clean and elegant look. They also offer maximum ventilation and unobstructed views. Best of all, windows screen can be customized to fit your home's style