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Steel Mesh Sliding Screen Doors

Panache Designs

Sliding screen door metal mesh are a practical way to add security and protection to larger door openings or where there may not be enough space for a hinged door's swing. Renex security doors are commonly used to complement glazed sliding doors. Still, steel mesh sliding screen doors are also famous for providing secure entry points to screened-in outdoor living spaces such as enclosed patios or decks. When matching glazed doors are left open to create an indoor-outdoor environment, installing security doors ensures that a home remains secure.

steel mesh sliding screen doors

Made Of Quality Materials

Because of the high visibility of the mesh, the security screen doors do not obstruct light or views while allowing natural air circulation and insect protection. Renex sliding screen door metal mesh are also designed to keep out larger intruders, having passed impact and sharp object testing against stringent standards Their triple locking system and robust door hardware have also been proven to withstand jemmy attacks, which use a lever to force a door open. Sliding doors provide excellent security features while allowing for clear vision through door openings. The woven, stainless steel mesh screen has a high tensile strength and provides the visibility and ventilation of a screen door while also being strong and durable. The patented screen system keeps the screen material flat, tight, and secure in the frame.

sliding screen door metal mesh


A heavy-duty aluminum frame combined with a steel mesh sliding screen doors system keeps intruders out, while common mounting screws combine with security snap covers to create a simple, sleek, and secure installation. For the ultimate in pet-friendly protection, the security screen can withstand scratching and clawing. We can rescreen your frames if they are in good condition. You can finally feel comfortable leaving your sliding glass door open to the elements without fear of intruders! Getting fresh air in your home no longer has to mean having to choose between having an open door policy to our society's less honorable elements or living behind tacky jail bars.

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