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 Insect Screen Mesh Door

What Are Insect Screen Mesh Doors?

Living in places with a tropical climate, like Malaysia, means you are bound to be surrounded by tiny insects almost all the time. It is fundamental not to take this scenario for granted because some insects, including flies and mosquitoes, could pose serious health risks by spreading diseases. That alone has got to be a good reason why an insect screen door is a must as an essential component of your home accessories. In case you are not familiar, a typical insect screen mesh door is made of fibreglass sheets. In many cases, people opt for all sorts of wire metal sheets, like copper, because they are a lot easier to find. As for the frame, a durable material such as steel is utilised to keep its overall structure sturdy. Setting up an insect screen mesh involves taking precise measurements and figuring out its proper placement.

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Why You Must Choose Renex

Made in Malaysia

Renex has its very own excellent research and development team, which consists of innovative and resourceful local experts. They are more than capable of designing custom-made products, especially for you! Our fine selection of doors is assembled using locally procured materials in our state-of-the-art factory in Sungai Buloh.

Quality Workmanship

We carefully monitor the manufacturing process to ensure each of our products meets only the highest standards. Our security mesh doors are constructed using anti-cut materials. Aside from after-sales assistance and free installation, we offer warranties for those items as well.

Budget Friendly

Get ready to immerse yourself in an amazing experience when you select products from Renex. Why? They not only showcase commendable qualities but can also be ordered at a fairly reasonable cost! Our selling prices are somewhere between 20 and 30 percent cheaper compared to our competitors. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

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The Convenience of Mesh Doors

It should be obvious now that having an insect screen mesh door can be a fantastic approach to enhancing your home living experience. Not only can it prevent tiny creatures from entering your interior space, but it also serves as a brilliant safety feature against possible break-ins and even protects toddlers from accidentally stepping into unsafe domains. If you need something aesthetically pleasing for your residence, even a regular insect screen mesh can be easily personalised through a creative design process and transformed into a stylish decoration too. On top of that, the most amazing aspect of an insect screen door, especially the one made by Renex, is the level of energy efficiency it can provide. Thanks to its transparency, you can enjoy better natural lighting and seamless airflow when you are in an indoor setting. In short, a reliable screen is all it takes for you to get some peace of mind.

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