Rolling Screen

R Type Rolling screen for Windows and Doors

Stainless Steel Mesh Security Screen Doors

Our stainless steel mesh security screen doors are constructed from a rigid stainless steel welded mesh. It has small openings that serve as an effective insect screen while providing added security. When properly installed, these security screens can protect from intruders and burglars while reducing glare and outside heat, lowering energy costs. Renex manufactures all of its stainless steel mesh security screen doors entirely of steel instead of the aluminum models that many of our competitors continue to embrace. We're here to assist you in making an informed decision about what's best for your home and property.

Renex Steel Roller Screens are the solution you are looking for to keep windows open in-order to have ventilation without worry of mosquitoes or Insects. We had put a lot of effort in offering an exclusive product were is manufactured in Malaysia.

Rolling Screen is suitable for both windows or doors, the design could be pull up and down(for windows only) or left and right(suitable for both windows or doors)

Rolling mesh security screen doors come with an Robust screen box, a coil spring that allow mosquito net rises automatically once you press to release the net. The netting will be disappear from your sighs when you release the netting. All netting will be hide inside the screen box.

It also employs a self-cleaning mechanism that auto clean the mesh every time when the mesh is rolled up and down. This is through the brush mount on the screen box.  

Your mosquito net will be delivery including of decelerator. This system ensures that when open the screen the climb will always be slow and progressive, thus avoid any blow or deterioration. This system will be hidden inside the Screen Box.

Roller mosquito nets are equipped with Anti-Wind system that prevents the nets slip out of its track by the wind. And avoid any gaps where mosquitoes or insects could enter. This system consists of an inner brush that is intertwined with the net and prevent it from leaving the aluminum frame.

stainless steel mesh security screen doors

Our rolling mesh security screen doors come with white and Dark Grey colour. Other custom colour is available with minor extra charges.