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Sliding Mosquito Screen Doors

6x series solid sliding mosquito screen doors

Renex Steel 6x series Sliding screen doors is another best suited for large openings. As we’re using heavy aluminum fitment in the frame, the structural rigidity is strong and could go up to 5 feet in weight and 10 feet in height per panel without any supporting cross-sections in the middle.

The 6x sliding screen doors come with #0.6mm thickness powder coated #304 stainless steel mesh.


Our Sliding screen doors use high quality and precision cut aluminum internal corners, much better compared to plastic corners. This not only increases the screen’s aesthetic appeal but also makes it much stronger, reducing the tendency to warp or bend over a long period of time.


6x Sliding screen doors have been designed with a low profile track (12mm heights only) that fits neatly to the sliding glass doors for minimal obstruction. We used strong and quality adjustable stainless steel door rollers, for additional strength on the larger door, ensuring it is sturdy slide smoothly. On the bottom of the doors panel come with the plastic click to ensure the doors will be slide properly among the bottom rail and not able to jump out from rail.

6x sliding screen doors is the most suitable solution for large opening area such as shielded up the porch and balcony, or install on the sliding glass doors. The fabrication of screen doors could be without middle bar support for large panel.


Pet Resistant. Renex Steel 6x sliding screen doors come with the #0.6mm thickness 304 stainless steel mesh. The mesh we using could resist of damage from small animal (Pet or wild animal) scratch. 

If you want to lock up the screen doors you could also choose to add the single side lock (optional) to prevent your Pets or Kids accidentally slide open the screen doors. This is very useful for higher floor Condo balcony or the landed house without the barrier. 

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