Folding Screen

F Type easy- installed Retractable Windows and Doors Screen

Our Folding Security Door

If you want to transform the look of your interior, the folding safety door is the magic wand you need. The system provides convenient and flexible access while also providing maximum security through a 6-point locking system that secures both the top and bottom of the door panel. Furthermore, the heavy-duty pivot system is one of the best door mechanisms on the market, ensuring that your home is outfitted with a well-thought-out and dependable system. If you want to flood your home with natural light and scenic views, our folding security door are the best option to save space while still catering to the aesthetics of your dream home. Thanks to the folding safety door, you don't have to be outside to enjoy the sense of freedom you get from sitting on your landed house's patio or porch.

Folding type retractable mosquito screen offer an innovative and functional screen solution from small windows to large openings doors. Protecting your home from annoying insects with fresh air ventilation. The Folding type mosquito screen suitable for doors and windows such as:.

  1. Casement windows (including top hung)

  2. Sliding windows

  3. Louvre windows

  4. Sliding doors

  5. Bi-fold doors

  6. Swing open doors

  7. In all type of gaps

Folding net screen is a very good option because of it easy to open and can be left in any position.

You wouldn't see netting when you fully open the screen, the netting will be hiding inside the 2 inch aluminum frame. You could close only the mesh when you need a mosquito screen to protect you from any insects.

Our folding security door series is available in various patterns, styles, materials, finishes, and colors. Curved tracks are no problem; they can all follow virtually any degree of track curvature. In addition, because we manufacture custom solutions in-house, we can create them faster than other companies.



Netting: Pleated Polyester Water Proof Mesh

Frame: Powder coated aluminum frame

Minimun size: 300(W) * 300(H) mm

Maximun size: 1500(W) * 2800(H) mm for single leaf

                     3000(W) * 2800(H) mm for dual leaf   

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